Make time fly by playing solitaire online

Are you familiar with the feeling when time is just not moving? We are! It normally happens during times when you are forced to sit in front of the computer. For example, during work time or when your parents want you to do your homework. Luckily, we have a great that will help you make time fly by playing solitaire online!
How playing solitaire will help you pass the time?

Make time fly by playing solitaire onlineSolitaire games are relevantly quick, each round of solitaire takes on average less than 5 minutes. This means that unlike other games, you can play it without committing for a long time, even if you have only a few minutes free. Playing solitaire online is even more beneficial! Playing online is normally done through web browsers as Chrome, Firefox or the new Microsoft Edge. It means that you can easily hide the fact you’re playing simply by opening new tabs or minimizing the window! The solitaire is an extremely addicting game that helps you develop your brain and thinking, even if at first it looks like a game of luck, it is not!

Instructions to play solitaire
The objective of the game is simple, organize all 4 card packs by order from A (lowest card) to K (highest card). In order to do it, you will have to execute a simple process:
– Start by moving one of the visible cards from while pile to another. Note that you can place different colors on top of the other (e.g red on top of black), and the card that you place must be smaller by 1 than the other card (e.g you can place a Q on a K, but you can’t place 7 on a J). After you move a card, the next hidden card is revealed, you can press it and it will open for you.
– Whenever you discover an A, place it on one of the 4 piles on the side of your screen. This is your objective, to complete 4 piles from A to K! Whenever you discover a matching 2, place it on top of the A and continue all the way.
– If you don’t have any more options to move revealed cards, open new ones by pressing the pile on the top-side of your screen. It will show you a new card, and you will be able to continue the process.
– Sometimes, you’ll get stuck without any option to solve the game. If this is the case, don’t worry and just start over another one!

What are the controls of solitaire online?
While playing solitaire online the controls are very simple, all your actions are performed with the mouse by simply dragging and dropping cards from one pile to another! In order to reveal a hidden card, simply click on it with the left button of your mouse! And of course, don’t forget to enjoy this amazing game!

How to PLAY RAZE 4 with even more fun!

How to PLAY RAZE 4 with even more fun!Raze is back and it is much better now in new PLAY RAZE 4! Filled up to the top with new moments in game, feel new experience in brand new levels, everything is set for you so you can have even more fun playing it.


First, you should know that the previous versions of the game had a Humans mode and an Alien mode as well .
Raze 4 is similar, but now you can play in mode that you had never played before, Zombies mode. In order to play this new mode, first you need to try to fight your way trough these two regular modes,so you can unlock Zombies mode, that gives you even more fun time than versions before. Try to beat all the enemies,so you can earn as much gold as you need to make your further progress easier with whole new stuff in game shop. Now, you know the basics of PLAY RAZE 4! One more step away from start having fun!


This is the one thing that is in common with previous version, in the order to move your character you can use A, S, D and W.
Mouse will be your weapon, use left click to shoot and mouse movement to aim, if you want to jump you will use the SPACEBAR button. Pressing either the Q and E or the numbers 1 trough 0, even the enter and shift keys will allow you to toggle trough your weapon, same as the mouse wheel.


Killing more enemies brings you more gold, more gold brings you an opportunity to get stronger with every next step you make in level progress, you can buy armor, new weapons and much, much more. Play it here, try it, beat them all and enjoy the whole new Raze 4 experience!

Retake the challenge all you witty nerds – The Impossible Quiz 2

From the creator of the awarded Impossible Quiz One, Splapp-me-do, just for your pleasure comes a sequel that will make your eyes bleed of joy and your knowledge and reflexes tested to the limit. :drumroll: The Impossible Quiz 2, ladies and gentleman!

If you ask yourself what to do in office while the supervisor is out, if you are a student that makes peace with procrastination or just a regular housewife bored with Facebook news feed, this is the game for you. If you think beating the game without googling for answers is possible, you will often cry yourself to sleep. Or not? Try and see can you beat the odds.


In deepest, darkest corners of hell, evil creatures created silly questions to challenge your logic, skills and last but not least – luck.
The rules are simple: try and complete the quiz by answering all of the 120 ”questions” in one go with 5 lives at your disposal.
There are two Power-ups: Skip and Fusestopper. Skip let’s you jump over a question and there are only 3 of them you can obtain. Fusestopper, three obtainable angry Minion look-likes, defuse the Bombs.
Oh, yes, there are also that famous Bombs that will make you enter the rage mode with ease. They tend to show out of nowhere and explode in your face when timer reaches 0. Unpredictable as hell and instant Game Over!
Additional innovations include implementing keyboard use at some questions and TAB restriction message if you try to cheat (in first part you could use TAB key for highlighting right answer, scammer). Also one of the new features is a grade system that will show how good you are through the game.

IQ2 Q64


You basically use mouse most of the time. On some occasions you ‘ll need to use keyboard and hit the fitting letter.

Friendly advice: THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

The Roller Coaster Creator Online

The Roller Coaster Creator OnlineThe game that allows a player to build his own roller coaster fast and intuitive using the touch controls that allow screen drawing and editing. The player is also able to jump into the coaster cart seat and experience the ride in such a thrilling 3D feature. The gamer is also able to build his own park designs using the Track Wizard that comes with loops, corkscrews and twists.

Even though the game kicks off with ugly characters, the gamer is able to replace them with Mii characters and share them with his friends. The game has two modes: sandbox mode and career mode. In career mode, the gamer is able to start a coaster design apprentice and work his way to a master design. During this process, the gamer is able to unlock different theme parks and locations not to mention other cart models and decals. These items are usable in the making of a custom park that the coaster runs roll through.

The gamer is able to select wood or steel and come up with an inverted or upright track type by drawing the basic track. The game is able to turn this basic design into a 3D track and allow the player to ride on a roller coaster. The aim of the game is to make a custom track that hits gold coins. Once the track is perfect, the roller coaster goes through it and if the coaster hits all the gold coins in the field, the player wins that level successfully and unlocks the next level of the career mode. In as much as the gamer does not need to complete the career mode in order to unlock the sandbox mode, it is important to note that the more successful a gamer becomes in the career mode, the more customizing features he unlocks in the sandbox mode. The Roller Coaster Creator Online is such a thriller for players who love to be creative.


Return Man 5 game review

The Return Man 5, commonly referred to as Linebacker, is simply an adjustment of the previous version which was dubbed The Return Man 3. The game boasts dozens of fabulous features and updates which seamlessly fit it. In the game, one player is has to confront the entire team.

Nevertheless, in the initial stages, a player usually has the ball alongside 4 other players who shall provide the needed backing. The other players will protect the ball thus helping you to score in the process and also earn a few points.

return man 5

What’s Unique about this Game?
In American football, one of the crucial aspects of this game is having a great defense. Apparently, the game has been designed to test the defensive capabilities of a player in real football. This game offers each and every player a rare opportunity of showcasing all their strategies and skills in football.

As a player, you will first have to dodge several blockers while running back. Once you manage to get a clear pathway, you will need to run faster but with great control so as to avoid unnecessary risks. Also, it’s imperative to pay attention to the movements of your opponents, since this shall allow you to find out their weak points.

When you get an opportunity, you should always try attacking your opponents. You should then tackle them until you get a clear pathway. However, in case you realize that things are not working as you would probably expect, try running back.

The game encompasses 3 exceptional techniques and moves which are very useful as far as Return Man 5 game is concerned. You should note that it is not easy to utilize these moves before you unlock them.

how to play

The game boasts of around 6 controls in total. You will utilize the L function whenever you wish to run to the right whereas the J function is used for running left. In addition, the K function is for running backwards while the I am used for running forward. To mute the game’s sound, use the M function. The space bar is mostly used for driving the tackles.

In a nutshell, here is a list of the game’s controls:

· J-Run left

· I-Run Forward

· L-Run right

· Space Bar-Diving tackles

· K-Run back

· M-Mute

The Return Man 5 is a very stunning and contemporary game. It is designed for all the game lovers of varied ages. In addition, it offers a very realistic atmosphere that’s coupled with outstanding sound effects. While a few players claim this game does not provide the top-notch graphics, the game does not require any complex effects and graphics. It’s a great game which comes with a very amazing design and it is much better as compared to all the previous versions. Why not try it now? It is certainly a rewarding treat.

What Jim Bonacci has to say about Happy Wheels

You all probably already know about Happy Wheels Game, it has millions of fans all over the world; it is ragdoll physics flash game (which basically means that characters and object in this game move realistically, according to laws of physics) which contains elements of dark humor and different funny characters as well as maps.

What Jim Bonacci has to say about Happy WheelsProbably main reason why this game is so popular is its funny moments and its exceptional humor. No matter what kind of mood are you having, couple of minutes playing this flash game and you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Game also features Demo version, main different between demo and full version of Happy Wheels is amount of characters, amount of maps and couple of little details. Even though full version contains a lot of more features people still prefer to play demo, because demo version loads a lot faster than full version.

As for objective of the game, well main thing what you have to do is to reach finish line without losing your BODY PARTS! Yep, you heard me correctly; game has so much violence and blood in it, if you have weak stomach I don’t recommend you to play this game LOL.

I’m not going to list controls of the game in this article, you can check it yourself inside the game, just click instructions button and it is all there.

Another important thing is that game also has hacked version with it, in the hacked version you are immortal, no matter what happens to your character he won’t die and none of your body part will fall.

Author of this unique game is Jim Bonacci, I believe he has couple of other games as well except Happy Wheels, you can check his official web-site to find them.

With this being said, go visit link which I have provided, it has demo version of the game and it is free to play, but I must warn you: game is so amazing and entertaining you might get addicted to it!

Beloved Dota 2, things that make this game so special

Beloved Dota 2, things that make this game so specialFew words about amazing computer game Dota 2. Okay, first of all this number two represents who new different game, first version was nothing more but custom map of Warcraft III, after that IceFrog and Valve started to work together on whole new game, with completely new graphic engine and new hero models as well as items, spells, etc. In other words they have done huge work to present this amazing game Dota 2.

When game was first released it was only played by few people, first one year you could get access to this game via invites from different people, this happened because game was in beta testing process, however back than it attracted a lot of gamers, Valve even managed to call first international championship and price one million dollar (!) was won by Ukrainian team called NaVi, they played really well and it was pure enjoyment to see this championship.

fanartAfter beta test game was free to play for all people, those who have sent invites during beta test received gift from game developers, which was gem and it counted how many people have you invited in the game.

Oh and about gems and items in the game, there are tons of different sets and items in the game which allow you customize your hero the way you like, you can even change look of your courier and you can also change look of your wards and other items as well, there are different ways how you can purchase these items, some of them can be found on the official steam store, you may also check steam community market where different players sell their items and receive cash. If you wonder which items is the most expensive at the moment I would say that it is Unusual Golden Baby RoshanUnusual Golden Baby Roshan, it costs couple of thousand dollar (!) and it is extremely rare item. Game is really fun to play, millions of players are online all the time (you can check yourself, day night it doesn’t matter, millions of people play this game 24/7), you will find your match in couple of minutes and enjoy awesome team play experience. Game is 5vs5, usually people pick 2 carry (or 1), two supports and one mid lane ganker hero, however there are other tons of different tactics which you can apply to this game and all of them may work (depending on your skills and opposite team picks).Game is very complicated indeed, it is very interesting and there are decent amount of different heroes with unique spells and abilities as well as different items, runes, etc. Game has so many options that it is hardly ever possible to play the same type of the game twice, each match is unique in its own way and interesting as well. Before playing with other players you can first learn basic skills in training, after that I recommend you to play vs bots and once you will learn all basic requirements of the game you can find 5vs5 match and enjoy game.

fightingingameIn order to succeed in the Dota 2 you will have to understand how different heroes work, what can they use against you as well as what kind of weak spots they have, focus on their weak spots, use different items like for example, hex, dagon, silence, etc. in different situations and you will how amazing this game is and how interesting and complicated strategies it can offer you, GL HF and enjoy this amazing game!

P.S. Game also features different events very often, some of these events include: Diretide, Greeviling, International events, etc. They are all very interesting and fun to play as well.